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Kundalini Yoga at Room for Yoga
Group Classes at Room for Yoga Powerful movement, breath, meditations.

In 1996 I tried my first yoga class. Learning powerful tools of meditation, mantra, breathwork and postures through several different modality. I continue to upgrade my training regularly. I teach groups and private classes as well as workshops on Anxiety & Depression, Meditation, Chakras and Decluttering Your Life in various locations in the Fraser Valley from Chilliwack to Maple Ridge. I am based in Mission, BC


I have taught children’s yoga at local schools (Christine Morrison Elementary, et al), and camps. As well, I offer a seminar to K-12 teachers on how to incorporate yoga into their DPA and physical education classes. I've lead retreats and been part of the yoga community for more than 20 years. I continue to grow my practice and teaching through continuing education and personal study. 


In 1990, I started training in Aikido (traditional Japanese martial art). I am the chief instructor at our dojo, Aikido Takayama, in Mission, BC. We are associated with TK Chiba's organization, Birankai and run both youth and adult classes. I am a certified aikido instructor, registered in Japan’s Hombu dojo and hold a 5th degree black belt. I travel frequently to the US to train and learn from my teachers.


Aquarian Yoga & Meditation is a powerful tool to transform your nervous system through, unique exercises, breathwork, meditations and mantra. . 


Hatha Yoga gives the balance of warm and cool energies of the sun and moon. Postures and directed breath create a practice that includes strength, flexibility and relaxation.


Yoga for Chronic Pain & Injury offers a preregistered class that supports your journey of living thru and with pain. Guided postures, variations at all levels, visualization and healing. 


Chair Yoga is an opportunity for those who have difficulty getting on the floor or standing for long periods. A beautiful way to restore strength and discover you can do more than you think.


Restorative Yoga offers a deeply restful and healing place for everyone. With props and small or private classes, this yoga eases you into your own true path to health.


Norine has helped me with the arthritis in my neck. Through guiding to me change my posture and keeping myself focused, she's helped teach me how to lower my pain level by about 50%!

I live with pain everyday. Norine's Chronic Pain classes help me cope. I'm very grateful for finding her. 



I've had asthma all my life and after I started practicing yoga with Norine, I no longer have to use my puffer. It also helps regulate my heart after a heart attack. Wonderful.


I discovered Norine when I had cancer. Now she teaches our staff at the school I teach. Thank you for being with me on my journey!


I've been learning from Norine for nearly 15 years. No class is ever the same. She is my yoga teacher and friend. 

I have bursitis in my hips and Norine gives me lots of options so I can continue my yoga practice daily. 



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